Veteran Audio Gearhead Loves House-Shaking Bass with Refinement

Ryan in Rockland, MA

Ryan from Rockland’s love of audio was inspired by his Dad who owned a HiFi system and taught him to appreciate the benefits of sound quality. Since getting an early jump on the hobby, he’s owned equipment from nearly every well-known speaker brand and is constantly updating and upgrading areas in pursuit of the best sound possible.

His most recent upgrade was to add a pair of SVS SB-4000 subwoofers to replace some good but not amazing subwoofers. In addition to deeper extension and house-shaking SPLs he was surprised by the refinement and musicality, a welcome enhancement for someone who listens every day.

The Setup:

  • Marantz UD7007 Bluray player
  • Martin Logan Motion 60 Speakers
  • 65” Samsung 4K TV
  • Panamax m5400 Power Conditioner
  • Audioquest cables and wires

Questions And Answers:

When/Why did you first start getting into audio and home theater?

I got into audio equipment at a very young age, probably around 10 years old. My father has always had nice equipment so I’ve always been around good sound and appreciated what it adds. I started with some old Technics and Realistic stuff upgrading through the years and really been through many brands Pioneer Elite, Sony ES, Denon, Cerwin Vega, Klipsch, Polk Audio, etc. It’s always been a gradual approach and I have been building my current system for about three years, buying a piece here and a piece there.

What lead to your decision to choose the SB-4000s?

I previously owned 2 JL Audio E-110 subs. The JL’s were very very good subwoofers but I just wanted more and the SVS 4000s beat them hands-down. Deeper more defined bass with endless head room. They are on another level in terms of output and sound quality.

Why did you decide to go dual?

Dual subwoofers provide even bass response throughout my room and I’ve always felt like they were necessary for the best experience possible.

What are some of your favorite movies/music for showing off the system?

I mainly listen to music of all genres from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today. I also try to catch any new blockbusters that come out. Recently I was watching the new Transformers movie and gripping the armrests because the whole house was shaking!

How have the new subwoofers impacted your system's overall performance?

The SB 4000's are really something special and not just because of the power. These subs aren't just a one note wonder, they are very musical, tuneful, quick and accurate. That combination of power and depth but also accuracy is what makes them special. Plus, with the SVS app on your smartphone you can control all functions of each sub right from your hand, which is really convenient if you’ve ever done subwoofer DSP.

Why is having a home theater important to you?

Having a home theater and audio system is important to me because it plays a daily part in me and my family's life. Whether it's watching a movie together or a football game. Or sitting with the wife playing our favorite CD's having some cocktails. We use it every day and can't imagine not having it!

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